Friday, May 25, 2012

What to Wear-New Idea for Maggie Bokor Jewelry's truly been ages since I have blogged. So much has changed for Maggie Bokor Jewelry. I have done my first Wholesale Show at the NEPTS this February where I landed to fab new galleries. I also recently started showing my work at the very well established and sought after Abacus galleries all along the Maine coast. Already had my third reorder, so would say things are going well! PLUS! I am getting into casting. Just sent a second batch of work to my caster and will hopefully see my first samples in about a week or so. Things are cruising!

I have decided to have some weekly/monthly posts to connect you all with my work and more importantly how much fun it is to wear! Introducing "What to Wear"

What am I wearing? 
I decided to where a few pieces from my ECHO Collection. The floating pearl ECHO necklace is the newest addition. I love the little pop of perfection the pearl creates. The ECHO pearl drop earrings were the perfect pair of earrings to finish the look. 

How does it make me feel? 
Today I feel inspired, bright and beautiful. Summer is around the corner and I have a feeling this will become my go-to jewelry.

The jewelry choices up close and personal: