Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Announcing the winner of the First Ever Maggie Bokor Jewelry Contest!

I am so pleased to announce the winner of my first ever Maggie Bokor Jewelry Contest. Celine Jacques of Quebec, Canada won my Tulip Cap Fine Silver Fresh Water Pearl Earrings. The contest was held to ask everyone for a quote about how they feel wearing my work. If they hadn't purchased a piece, then a few descriptive words about how they saw my work. I received so much great feedback and I will definitely be adding many of the quotes to my marketing material. The winner was pulled randomly from a hat. I did want to share what Celine wrote, it's a keeper for sure! 


Looking at them,
I am always impressed by the way she includes natural "textures" in her pieces;
I perceive the nearness of the east coast, of the ocean, of the nature's gifts in her creations.
You want to feel them, touch them, and wear them.

The perfect union of nature and 

The perfect way to remember my vacations on the East Coast.
The perfect way to stay in touch with a friend.

Life as Art, Art as Life : Maggie's creations."